Starting with #100DaysOfCode

Here’s the story of my coding journey that I stepped in and how I allowed myself to make coding as a habit.

100 Days of Code

Binod Jung Bogati


March 7, 2018

Since past two years, I’ve been much busy tasting the flavors of new programming language.

I switched from PHP to JavaScript, then JavaScript to Python and so on.

The reason to switch was, I’ve been testing my area of interest. Also, I was picking suitable language to start my career.

At first, I started learning JavaScript with the help of FreeCodeCamp. It did went well, however I switched to Python.

Coding is a habit. Switching programming language brings demotivation. It’s because you need to start learning all over again.

Once, I was reading Quincy Larson’s blog (teacher at FreeCodeCamp).

Eventually, I found something worth reading – One does not simply learn to code.

As you can see the picture below How to : Draw a Horse. Simply, you can’t improve your coding skills with just tutorial courses.

Later, I realized learning to code is not just enough. However, building with the practical projects is mandatory. So, to get some suggestions, I went through Quora / reddits.

Finally, I stumbled upon an interesting article, Join the #100DaysOfCode, where you

Starting 100 Days of Code – Day 1

Starting from March 7, 2018, I officially announce that I’ve accepted challenge 100 Days of Code.

In days ahead, I will be learning and start doing the Data Science (Analytics) and Machine Learning projects.

Finally, for those who want to take part in #100DaysOfCode challenge, you’re free to share this with your friend. Have fun, Enjoy Coding !!!.

Update : I’ve completed the challenge, read my #100DaysOfCode story.