That Day at GitHub Satellite 2019

I attended GitHub Satellite 2019 conference held at Kraftwerk, Berlin on May 23. The conference brings together the developers, maintainers, and team leaders who are changing the world through software.


Binod Jung Bogati


June 5, 2019

It was a great experience attending the GitHub Satellite as a Campus Expert. I had travelled from Nepal and there were other Campus Experts from 10 different nations with GitHub Developer Program Manager.

The Campus Experts help build community at their campus. It is difficult to meet each other in-person and the events like the conference are the one which helps Campus Experts get together, talk and share their experiences.

It all started a day before GitHub Satellite, we had Campus Experts Meetup. All campus experts attending delivered lightning talks shared their experiences, had good foods and drink.

Good sketch notes by Carlos Gilmar (@carlos) to summarise Campus Experts meetup.

The next day, around 8:30 AM, I went to the Kraftwerk, GitHub Satellite venue. I grabbed the batches, had some breakfast and went to reserve the seats for the keynote.

At 9:30 AM, Nat Friedman, GitHub CEO started his keynote.

Nat told the 36 million developer calls “GitHub Home”. He featured the first black hole image, introduced Dr. Katie Bouman all the way from Boston. To our surprise, the core team behind black hole image, Andrew, Kazu, Sarah, C.K, Roman and Lindy joined the keynote on the stage.

There was an announcement about collaboration with White Source and Depandabot.

Then, Devon Zuegel announced support for open source contributor called, GitHub Sponsors. To sum up the keynote, Nat announced GitHub matching fund i.e 200% fund transfer on sponsorship.

At the session, In the Shadows of Black Hole, I got to know more about Black Hole.

During the conference break, I got to meet with Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub, Lieke Boon, Developer Program Manager at GitHub.

It was great experience so far. I’m very thankful to GitHub for providing such an opportunity to attend this conference.